Family Yoga

second sunday of every month

3.00-4.00pm- with 5-11 year olds | 4.00-5.00pm- with 2-5 year olds

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At Luus Muus, for location details click here. I encourage students to register for this class in advance, through submitting this form (click here), however I'm also happy to receive drop-ins.

This monthly class allows parents to take time to practice yoga with their children. Together, we begin to develop a sense of awareness for our breath and explore the different ways of breathing in yoga; including some fun animal-based breaths. We’ll carry the breath work through to the more physical section of the practice, where we explore yoga poses and include a couple of demonstrations to help both parents and kids learn about their bodies a bit more. This class includes experimenting with partner poses, between both parents and their children, and also encourages children to practice with other children, parents with other parents; to develop a sense of community and connectedness. Partner poses are great as they allow us to explore our bodies a bit more, because we’re able to access poses that we might otherwise struggle with on our own. This class always includes a games section where we play and get a little silly – parents and kids alike will definitely have a good giggle!

price for 1 parent & 1 child - 30 chf

extra parent/child - 10chf

I ask that single class payment please be made in cash, before class (I'm always around Luus Muus 15 minutes before class starts).